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What is the most dangerous road in The Woodlands area?

On Behalf of | Jun 28, 2023 | Car Accidents |

Houston is notorious for having some very dangerous roads, but The Woodlands generally doesn’t have traffic that is quite as intense as the metropolitan region. Many people specifically move north of the city to escape the intensity of city life. Still, there are some streets where collisions are more likely to occur than others, and many people have long commutes into Houston. Therefore, they have every reason to try to avoid the most dangerous roads while driving day-in and day-out.

Factors including speed limits, traffic density and road design all contribute to the level of risk at any particular location. When looking at multiple years of collision records, it is possible to identify some roads that are more dangerous than others. Where is someone’s crash risk the highest in The Woodlands area?

The most dangerous road runs right through The Woodlands

According to an analysis of fatal collisions, one highway sees far more fatalities than other freeways in The Woodlands area. The most dangerous road in Texas, I-45, runs right through The Woodlands. This road sees more deadly crashes than any other in the state. Its intersections with other major thoroughfares are some of the most dangerous in the area.

Of course, there are several other roads that see many collisions. Heavy traffic is one contributing factor to risk, as is the general speed of traffic on the road. Design issues, including roads too wide to properly monitor traffic, can also increase crash risk.

When motorists know where collisions occur most frequently, they will have an easier time planning safe routes and also making safety their top priority when they have to travel on roads with higher statistical risk. It isn’t necessarily possible to always avoid I-45 and other roads that have the highest number of crashes, but drivers can be more proactive about monitoring the actions of others on such roads and also more carefully adhering to traffic laws when they are in areas with higher crash risk.