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How to move forward/cope after a loved one’s wrongful death

On Behalf of | Dec 22, 2021 | Wrongful Death |

Losing a loved one is never easy. When it’s a wrongful death situation, it’s often even harder, because it’s unexpected. This can be made even more difficult because you likely blame someone else for this death.

Examples of a wrongful death can include things like losing a loved one in a car accident, a doctor making a mistake during surgery that turns out to be fatal or a loved one suffering fatal injuries in a dog attack. No matter how it happens, you need to know what steps you can take to move forward and cope. There is a future, things will get better, and it is possible to get through this.

Don’t bottle it up

One thing to remember is that it can be beneficial to talk about this, to accept your feelings and to discuss it with other people who care about you. Don’t just bottle it up and try to keep these feelings inside. It can be hard to start these conversations, but you’ll find that they can be very therapeutic, whereas refusing to talk about it can just make things go on for far longer.

Have a good support system

The support system around you is incredibly important at a time like this. Gather friends and family members who can discuss things with you, give you assistance when you need it and generally just be there for you so that you don’t feel alone.

Take care of your family and take care of yourself

Don’t let things go. Make sure that you still get exercise, for instance, and that you’re eating enough. Focus on taking care of yourself, and, if you have children, focus on them. A lot of times, these types of incidents threaten to feel overwhelming when you’re just sitting around and thinking about them, but focusing on other things can be distracting and help you see the positives in life.

Consider your financial options

Finally, when a wrongful death is caused by someone else, you may have legal options to seek financial compensation from the party who is responsible. This compensation can also help you move forward by providing for your family, covering funeral costs, and covering other bills. Make sure you know what options you have at this time.