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How long does it take to get compensation after an auto accident?

On Behalf of | Nov 10, 2020 | Car Accidents |

The effects of a car crash on your life begin immediately. The collision itself will interrupt your day and stop you from achieving your goals temporarily. If you get hurt, missed work will begin accruing as soon as the crash occurs. You will need to get your vehicle repaired or replace it with a new one as soon as possible so that you can transport yourself to work or to medical appointments as necessary.

Unless you have an unusually high balance in your savings account, you will probably need insurance benefits for your medical cost and vehicle repairs. How long do you typically have to wait before you get compensation after a significant crash?

Simple claims sometimes settle within 30 days

If you need just a few medical benefits or approval for the cost of minor repairs to your vehicle, you may not have to wait very long at all, with small claims often paying out within a month. Your insurance provider might even cover the costs and subrogate them to the other driver’s insurance company.

Submitting invoices for services already received, as well as estimates for services, like repair to your vehicle, that you cannot handle on your own, can result in a specific timetable for reimbursement. However, in cases where you need ongoing care or have a totaled vehicle, getting compensation could take longer.

It can be worth the wait to negotiate a better settlement

There’s no question that you probably need some financial help if you haven’t been working since the crash. Even if you have been able to stay on the job, the expenses you’ve accrued likely put a lot of strain on your finances and budget.

It is almost always in your best interest to look at a settlement carefully in the context of both your current needs and likely future expenses. While it can take a lot longer to settle a claim when you have to negotiate, the increased compensation can be well worth the wait. In complex cases, it could be multiple months or even longer, especially if you have to go to court to get the insurance company to fulfill their obligations to you.

In situations where insurance isn’t enough or where the driver didn’t have insurance, any compensation you receive will likely be the result of a personal injury claim against the person who caused the crash. Such claims can take months, depending on the current amount of demand for time in front of a civil judge.

Whether you mean to litigate or negotiate a claim, help from an experienced attorney can improve your chances of a quick resolution and optimal financial results.