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Am I suffering from a traumatic brain injury?

On Behalf of | Jul 24, 2020 | Car Accidents, Injuries |

Most people associate traumatic brain injuries (TBI) with paralysis, comas, or death. After a motor vehicle accident, a victim may assume that if they can walk away from the accident that they do not have a TBI. These injuries can also have minor symptoms that can signal a catastrophic injury.

TBIs are far more common than you may think. Each year, 1.5 million people suffer these injuries, and 50,000 of them die. There are many symptoms of TBIs that can look like other issues. Knowing the difference in these symptoms may save a life.

Trouble thinking clearly

The brain is a very delicate organ, and the smallest injury to it can change the way a person thinks or behaves. A TBI can result in a victim experience confusion, delirium, or memory loss. A victim may try to write off these symptoms as having an “off day.”

Balance issues

A TBI can affect a victim’s ability to balance themselves. If you have trouble standing straight, stumble often, feel dizzy after standing often, it can indicate some sort of trauma in the brain. After an accident or other blow to the head, being suddenly clumsy can be a sign of a potentially fatal injury.

Delayed signs

Some signs of a TBI do not appear immediately and can take days to present themselves. Days after an accident, a victim can experience loss of taste or smell, insomnia, or bright light sensitivity. Do not chalk these signs up to just stress from the accident; they may be trying to tell you that you are in danger.

Emotional troubles

TBIs can impact a victim emotionally as well as physically. Psychological injuries can result in mood swings, behavioral changes, stress, depression, anxiety, or irritability. These behaviors may not be a sign of Post-traumatic stress disorder, but instead a TBI.

Respect thes signs

If you are experiencing any odd behavior after an accident, hoping for the best could cost you your life. See a doctor immediately to look at your symptoms and get the treatment you need to recover.