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Products liability: Over 250K Fords recalled

On Behalf of | Apr 14, 2020 | Products Liability |

People understand that driving a car carries some measure of risk. What they may not expect is for that car to have some type of defect that makes it unsafe to drive. However, this happens all too often, leading to products liability claims when people get hurt.  One recent recall, issued by carmaker Ford, involves 268,000 cars across the nation, including many right here in Texas, and authorities are hoping to correct the issue before anyone is hurt.

Ford says that a problem with the door latch may prevent the car door from properly closing. In extreme cases, the door may open even when a person is driving. The latch may crack due to high temperatures in warmer climates. Ford says that once owners receive notification, local dealers will fix the problem.

The defect affects several different Ford models, including certain model years of the Ford Fusion and the Ford Fiesta. The recall won’t just affect cars in the United States, either. Many cars in Mexico and some U.S. territories will be subject to recall. Thus far, Ford says it hasn’t received any reports of injury due to this defect, though that doesn’t necessarily put them in the clear for the future. 

Citizens here in Texas have a reasonable expectation that cars and other products they purchase are safe to use. When that trust is broken, the consequences can be disastrous. If someone gets hurt as a result of this car defect, or any defect that a car maker fails to fix, that person may want to pursue legal action. An attorney with extensive experience handling products liability claims can explain the available options for legal recourse.