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Wrong-way car accident with semi-truck results in fatality

On Behalf of | Jan 18, 2020 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Semi-trucks are a vital part of the Texas economy. Without these vehicles, the transportation of goods would be far more difficult and costly for both companies and consumers. Even so, passenger cars are at risk of having a serious car accident with a semi since they must share the road with these large commercial vehicles. A crash with a tractor-trailer often results in more significant injury to victims, or even fatality, than a crash with another passenger vehicle. This is what may have happened to a woman who lost her life to a wrong-way crash with a semi-truck.

According to authorities, the recent incident happened when the woman was driving her car westward on the interstate. A semi-truck was behind her car. A second big rig, headed east, apparently crossed over the center median. It reportedly hit the woman’s car and then rolled and struck the other semi-truck before coming to a stop.

The woman died at the scene of the crash, but no one in either of the trucks suffered any injuries. Police have not stated any theories regarding why this accident happened. There is no word on whether they believe speeding or intoxicated driving was involved in the tragedy. They have not announced any impending criminal charges, either.

Even if the police decide not to file any criminal charges in connection with the car accident, there are legal options available to the victim’s family. Those in a similar situation may decide that the best course of action is to file civil litigation with the aim of securing monetary damages. An attorney here in Texas with extensive experience in personal injury law can guide those with questions through the entire process.