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How can I avoid dangerous Halloween costumes?

by | Sep 8, 2019 | Products Liability |

Halloween is a fun time for kids to dress up and go trick-or-treating. However, certain types of costumes and accessories can prove dangerous to little ones. It’s up to parents to ensure their kids choose the right costumes to avoid injury and remain safe during the holiday. In this case, Consumer Reports offers the following tips. 

Be careful with face paints & makeup

While you would expect face paints to be diligently tested for safety, this isn’t always the case. There are many different brands of face paint and Halloween makeup out there, and much of it is not tested by the Food and Drug Administration. Paint may cause an allergic reaction, even with kids who’ve never experienced allergies before. Issues can also arise if paint or makeup makes its way into a child’s eyes. 

Steer clear of long, billowing fabrics

Many children’s costumes, such as witch’s robes and cloaks, feature billowing fabric. This poses a fire risk if a child comes into contact with an open flame, such as in a jack-o’-lantern. Along with ensuring costumes are secured properly, make sure fabrics are flame-resistant. Look at packaging to determine whether a costume is resistant to flames, as it should be clearly labeled if so. 

Ensure your child’s vision is protected

Contact lenses might make for a spooky addition to your child’s costumes, but they can be very detrimental to his or her vision. They can also make it harder to see properly, which poses a risk when walking from house to house. In the same token, be careful with masks, as they can also obscure a child’s vision.