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Plan ahead this holiday season

by | Dec 12, 2018 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

For many people in Texas, the time between Thanksgiving and New Years comes with merriment and time with family and friends. It is also fueled with an excess of alcohol, whether it is a big office party, a neighborhood get-together or an intimate gathering of friends. Some who normally do not drink excessively may find themselves imbibing more than normal, and if they get behind the wheel it can have disastrous results for them and for others on the road. The key to prevent DUI arrests and serious accidents is to make a plan before going out.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, hundreds of people lose their lives in the month of December due to alcohol-fueled accidents. Every year, law enforcement officers increase the number of sober check points and keep a closer eye on drivers during this time of the year to keep others as safe as possible. 

The Texas Department of Transportation discusses how planning ahead can prevent disastrous results such as fatal accidents. In fact, the state has a campaign known as “Plan When You Can”, with a goal of saving lives. It helps participants experience virtually how alcohol slows reaction time and affects judgments. It also points out if you plan ahead, the chances of driving after drinking can decrease significantly. The best thing is to assign a designated driver, order a cab, take advantage of one of the ride-share programs or take public transportation. The next best thing is to crash at the party’s destination or get a hotel room. The cost of a room is much cheaper than a DUI or the loss of a life.