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How many lives are lost because of distracted driving?

On Behalf of | Jun 8, 2018 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Many different behaviors can be deadly on the road, such as operating a vehicle while intoxicated and ignoring speed limits. Distracted driving is another serious problem and some people do not realize how widespread and deadly it really is. Moreover, some drivers do not even realize that they become distracted behind the wheel from time to time, whether they use their cell phone, try to read a map, change the radio station, use a GPS or even talk with someone else in the car. It is crucial for drivers to avoid any distractions that could lead to a fatal crash.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that roughly nine lives are lost in the U.S. every single day in crashes which involve distracted driving. Moreover, motor vehicle wrecks involving a driver who is distracted also leave about 1,000 people injured on a daily basis, according to statistics. Clearly, distracted driving claims many lives each year and leaves far more people with serious injuries that can disrupt life in different ways. From being unable to work to leaving loved ones with emotional pain after passing away, these crashes can be very tragic.

Sadly, people will continue to be involved in distracted driving crashes and have their lives turned upside down. In the digital age, there are many distractions that can interfere with a person’s driving, from social media posts to texting and browsing the web. Drivers should always be aware of any distractions that could interfere with their ability to focus on the road and the victims of these collisions deserve a voice.