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Calculating damages for personal injuries in a Texas car crash

by | May 31, 2018 | Firm News |

The day it happened may have begun like any other day. You dropped your kids off at school then headed to work. You may have even stopped to run a few errands on your way back home. After your last stop, as you entered an intersection after the light turned green, a sudden impact on your driver’s side changed your life forever. A drunk driver failed to stop at a red light and barreled right into the side of your car.

Thankfully, the response team was quick to arrive at the scene and rescue workers whisked you away to the nearest hospital. Texas police contacted your family members and you spent the rest of the night getting x-rays, having a cast put on your leg and getting stitches on your head. The good thing was, of course, that you had survived and knew your family would be there to help you through recovery. You also knew you were going to need other outside support.

Seeking legal accountability against a drunk driver

No matter how cautious you were when you were navigating the intersection that day, there wasn’t a thing you could do about the reckless behavior of the driver who hit you. There is something you can do after the fact, however, by pursuing compensation for the damages you suffered. The following list explains what types of damages the court considers compensable following motor vehicle accidents that result in injury:

  • Most states separate types of damages by categories, such as those pertaining to economic loss as opposed to those associated with physical injury.
  • You may have had to take a lot of time off work during recovery. You may include loss of income as part of the damages you suffered.
  • Emotional pain and suffering are also compensable damages in most collisions that result in moderate to severe injuries.

If your injuries, such as a broken leg, caused physical impairment, you can list this among damages when seeking restitution. It’s a lot easier to put a monetary value on medical expenses, car repairs and other tangible issues. However, how much is the emotional distress you suffered worth? To determine this, the court may take other factors into consideration, such as severity of your injuries, how long it took you to recover (or, if you ever fully recovered) and any state guidelines that apply.

Support for Texas accident victims

A drunk driver may face criminal charges, evidence of which can help substantiate your personal injury claim. A key to proving a personal injury case lies in being able to convince the court through evidence. Most accident victims rely on experienced legal counsel to help them gather evidence when seeking compensation for damages following a drunk driving collision.