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Are Trampolines Safe for My Child?

by | May 15, 2018 | Products Liability |

As a parent in Texas, you want nothing more than for your children to be happy. While trampolines are a favorite among most kids, in fact these recreational devices can cause quite a few injuries. The Mayo Clinic explains how parents can keep their kids safe when using a trampoline.

Proper Placement Is Key

No matter what, your trampoline must be placed at ground level. When it’s positioned near a steep drop off your kids may be injured as a result of falling from a great height. You should also make sure that the trampoline is clear from any hazards on your property, such as trees. Jumping into a tree inadvertently can easily result in broken bones, contusions, and many other injuries.

Emphasize Safety

You can outfit your trampoline with netting, which will prevent users from accidently falling. You can also cover metal components with protective padding, which can keep a serious injury from occurring should a fall occur. Regular maintenance is also important, as this will prevent common wear and tear from causing a serious injury. Also, be on the look out for product defects; a shoddily designed or manufactured product can cause injury even when it’s used correctly. 

Enact Some Rules

Your kids should also be subject to certain rules when using the trampoline. For instance, kids under six years of age should not be permitted to use the trampoline, particularly when older kids are on it. In most cases, only one child at a time should be allowed to jump (as injury can easily occur should two kids collide). Lastly, kids should never be allowed to jump unsupervised. Keeping a close watch will allow you to act fast should an accident occur. You should also acquaint your kids with how to use the trampoline safely before allowing them on it.