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Texas firefighter dead, pregnant women injured in car accident

by | Jan 27, 2015 | Car Accidents |

A 20-year-old woman, who had served as a volunteer firefighter since age 15, was killed in a crash Saturday. The Texas car accident occurred in Grimes County and has caused sorrow throughout the community. Three others were injured in the tragedy.

Authorities reported that the young firefighter and two others, both of whom were pregnant, were traveling north on the road. Their vehicle was paused as they were waiting to make a turn when another vehicle allegedly slammed into them from behind. A trooper responding to the scene stated that the driver of the rear vehicle had failed to apply his brakes before hitting the women’s automobile, and it appears that he may have been distracted behind the wheel.

While citizens mourned the death of their community volunteer, the man and two pregnant women were being treated at area hospitals. All three injured are reported to be in stable condition and both of the unborn babies were unharmed. One of the women suffered a broken jaw and will need corrective surgery.

One officer said that the crash remains under investigation, but neither drugs nor alcohol are suspected as factors in the car accident. If a person injured in a Texas crash needs surgery or other ongoing medical care, there are often financial costs involved in recovery. By law, one has the right to consult a legal team in order to seek advice as to whether it might be prudent to file a personal injury claim in court. Successful claims sometimes award monies that could help offset medical bills and other costs incurred throughout the recovery process.

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