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Alleged wrong-way driver kills 2 children in car accident

On Behalf of | Jul 15, 2014 | Car Accidents |

A two-car accident that occurred in the Kilgore area has sparked a tragedy. Two children were killed in the Texas car accident and one other individual was critically injured. The investigation into this matter is still ongoing.

The accident reportedly occurred on a recent Thursday morning when a man was traveling with two of his children in a van. Another vehicle was headed in the southbound direction, but was reportedly driving in the northbound lane. The two vehicles collided in the middle of the road. Medical crews arrived and transported the driver of the van to the hospital and his injuries are considered to be not life-threatening.

Another occupant in the van, who is the children’s mother, was also transported to the hospital where she remained in critical condition. Sadly, the two children in the van died at the scene. During an investigation, authorities obtained a search warrant for suspected DUI of the other driver. At this time, no other information has been reported on this incident.

This car accident has left two children dead and a mother fighting for her life. The father is left with the burden of burying his two children who reportedly lost their lives at the hands of someone else. Although the investigation into this tragedy is still ongoing, the family of the children may have the right to file wrongful death claims against the other driver for alleged negligence. If evidence presented is to the satisfaction of a Texas civil courtroom, then monetary damages may be awarded to the deceased victims’ family.

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