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Family awarded $281 million in wrongful death lawsuit

On Behalf of | Dec 17, 2013 | Wrongful Death |

In Texas, the family of a man killed by a drive shaft from a tractor-trailer truck has been awarded a $281 million verdict in a wrongful death lawsuit. The company sued was an oil patch supplier company. The jury found that the company was negligent in properly maintaining the truck, which resulted in the wrongful death of the man.

The incident happened while the tractor-trailer was being driven on FM 133. The drive shaft broke off from under the truck and flew through the windshield of a nearby pickup, killing the male passenger inside. The lawsuit stated that the company neglected to properly maintain their truck. If the tractor-trailer had been properly maintained on a regular basis, it would not have lost the drive shaft. However, as a result of the company’s negligence, a man was killed.

The jury found the company negligent and awarded the family $281 million in the wrongful death lawsuit. This included $100 million in punitive damages against the company. In addition, the children of the victim also received money for their loss.

The plaintiff’s lawyer was happy about the wrongful death verdict and felt that justice had been served. According to him, because of the verdict, there is better likelihood that roads will become much safer throughout South Texas. Even though a court’s decision will never be able to bring back loved ones who die from tragic accidents, it can help families get funding to pay for damages and medical expenses and be able to provide a little comfort in the healing process.

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