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Lawsuit alleges soup cup had unsafe design, caused boy’s scalding

On Behalf of | May 23, 2013 | Burn Injuries |

One type of accident that children sometimes suffer are scalding accidents. Scalding injuries can be a very serious type of burn injury, particularly for children. Scalding injuries can cause significant harm to children.

There are many different things that can lead to children suffering scalding injuries. One such thing is a soup container, such as an instant soup cup, tipping over. Thus, one would hope that all instant soup companies would take all proper steps to ensure that their soup cups do not have an unreasonable risk of tipping.

It is very important for all companies to ensure that their products are not unsafe.

One action a parent will sometimes take if their child suffers an injury and they believe that the injury was caused by an unsafe/defective product is pursuing a products liability claim.

Recently, a products liability case has arisen regarding a scalding accident a child suffered. The case is from California.

Reportedly, while a 3-year-old boy was sitting in a booster seat at the dining room table of his home, a Cup Noodles soup cup that was on the table tipped over. The soup cup had hot liquid in it and the liquid scalded the 3-year-old boy. The boy reportedly suffered second-degree and third-degree burns as a result of this scalding accident.

The boy’s family alleges that the Cup Noodles soup cup has an unreasonable risk of tipping and thus is an unsafe product.

A lawsuit has been brought in a court in California by the boy’s family against the maker of Cup Noodles in connection to these allegations. It will be very interesting to see what happens in this case.

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