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Rear-end accident in Houston results in death

by | Mar 22, 2013 | Wrongful Death |

Car accidents can cause a great deal of harm. Recently, an auto accident occurred in Texas which resulted in a fatality.

Reportedly, on Thursday morning, a Ford was travelling along Hempstead Highway in Houston. According to authorities, the Ford then rear-ended a stopped Toyota. Reportedly, the Toyota was stopped because it was trying to perform a left turn.

A passenger of the Toyota was killed in this auto accident.

When he spoke to authorities after the accident, the driver of the Ford said that, leading up to the accident, his ability to see what was in front of him was momentarily impaired by the headlights of a vehicle that was travelling on the road’s opposing side.

The article on the Houston Chronicle’s website which reported this story did not mention if any charges have been or are expected to be brought in relation to the accident.

As this crash shows, car accidents sometimes result in a death.

Loss of a loved one due to a car accident can have many significant impacts on a family. One type of implication such a loss can have on a family that one might not immediately think about are financial implications.

A family shouldn’t have to bear the financial burdens related to loss of a loved one in a car accident when the accident was caused by negligence by another individual. Rather, in such circumstances, the burdens should be placed on the negligent party. One of the goals of personal injury/wrongful death lawsuits is to hold negligent parties financially responsible for the harms their negligence caused.

Source: The Houston Chronicle, “Woman dies in crash on Hempstead in NW Houston,” Dale Lezon, March 21, 2013