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The Woodlands Personal Injury Law Blog

Data shows distracted driving worse problem than thought

Many people in The Woodlands lead very busy lives. This means that it can be difficult to unplug from personal devices, even when behind the wheel. Unfortunately, this kind of irresponsible behavior can lead to serious or even deadly car wrecks.

A survey aimed at looking at the behavior of drivers has uncovered some disturbing statistics. The chances of being in a collision increase 20-fold when the driver takes his or her eyes off of the road for even two seconds. And yet, for every 100 trips a driver took, it was found that his or her phone was used during 88 of them. In addition, the average time spent on the phone per trip was over three minutes. Earlier research has shown that human error plays a role in 93 percent of motor vehicle crashes.

How dangerous is distracted driving?

From cell phone use to communicating with other people who are riding in the vehicle, drivers can become distracted for a smorgasbord of reasons. Sometimes, drivers become distracted but do not cause a crash, which happens often. Sadly, this can cause some people to forget just how dangerous distracted driving really is. From the loss of life to permanent injuries and financial problems, these crashes take place too often and upend the lives of many people.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention states that more than 3,400 lives were cut short in distracted driving crashes over the course of 2015. During the same year, 391,000 people were hurt in accidents involving a distracted driver. Sadly, more people passed away due to distracted driving crashes in 2015 when compared to previous years, such as 2010, when 3,092 fatalities occurred. Moreover, a large number of the overall traffic accident fatalities involve distracted drivers. In 2015, 35,092 people passed away in a motor vehicle crash and thousands of these lives may have been saved if drivers would have made sure to avoid any distractions while behind the wheel.

Freeway collision near Corsicana kills three

What many of those whose actions (whether they be intentional or not) result in them driving recklessly on the roads in and around The Woodlands fail to realize is that not only are they putting their own lives on the line, but they are endangering others on the road around them, as well. During periods of heavy traffic in particular, unsafe or irresponsible driving can be that much more dangerous. What may begin as a collision between two vehicles can quickly involve multiple cars and several people, with the one’s whose actions caused such accidents often failing to experience the worst of them.

Such was the case (at least for now) in accident that recently occurred near Corsicana. Five vehicles ended up being involved in a collision that resulted from an SUV driving the wrong way on the freeway. Investigators are still trying to determine why the driver responsible chose to head south on the northbound lanes of I-45. The vehicle eventually collided head on with another, killing three of that vehicle’s occupants. Three other cars attempted to avoid the collision, yet were unsuccessful. The driver and a passenger in the southbound vehicle sustained serious injuries in the accident, as did another driver involved in the subsequent collision.

New teen drivers endanger many during summer months

If you are hitting the road within the next few weeks, be aware that the kid next door may also be behind the wheel. You may have cheered when the neighbor got home with a shiny new Texas driver's license, but (admit it!) you probably shuddered a little, too. According to the latest research from the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, you have every reason to be concerned.

The number of fatal crashes involving teen drivers is rising. In fact, in the past year, that number has risen 10 percent, and the number of accidents is especially high for kids between 16 and 17.

Products liability and consumer rights

Products liability laws not only help prevent injuries and potential deaths, but also hold manufacturers, distributors and suppliers responsible in case the product does cause injuries. The details vary concerning whether retailers should be held responsible in these circumstances, as well, and can depend on the type of case and state. In Texas, and the rest of the United States, there are different types of product liability laws that place blame on defects and failure to warn the public about potential safety hazards.

According to Claims and Legal Resources, the Texas Products Liability law breaks down into factors such as defect in design, alteration of products and unavoidably unsafe products. For example, to assert a design defect case in Texas, the plaintiff must prove by a preponderance that there was a safer alternative design and that the defect was a producing cause of the personal injury, property damage or death. Texas courts use a risk-utility analysis to determine whether a defectively designed product is unreasonably dangerous according to the law.

Time is everything when it comes to products liability

In today's technologically-driven world, simple products are no longer simple. Innovative and advanced approaches to life's tasks include the mass distribution of new gadgets, tools and toys, and while these products are popular and successful overall, some in Texas are safer than others.

The Texas court system takes measures to protect those injured by a product, allowing an individual to take action against a brand or company. However, time is a vital component when filing under Texas statute of limitations for defective products. The sooner one takes action after an incident, the more likely the manufacturer will be held accountable for the defective product. 

Top causes of workplace fires

Fires can occur in almost any place of employment and for a number of different reasons. If you had a loved one killed or seriously injured during a workplace fire in Texas, you may be wondering how likely the accident was and what could have been done to prevent it. We at The Leigh Law Firm are here to represent you as we work together to seek retribution and compensation for the loss of your loved one.


Don't back down after a car crash leading to back or neck injury

A motor vehicle collision that occurs in a matter of seconds can unfortunately do enough damage to last a lifetime. Aside from brain injury, another common injury resulting from car accidents is a neck or back injury.

Sometimes motor vehicle accidents leading to a neck or back injury are the result of another person's carelessness behind the wheel. Fortunately, if you have been hurt in a car crash in Texas, it is within your rights to seek justice through the civil court system.

Can defective products be dangerous?

If residents of Texas like you end up being harmed by a defective product, you don't have to deal with it in silence. At the Leigh Law Firm, we work to provide you with information that can help you fight for your rights and health if you have to stand toe-to-toe against a company that has done you harm with their defective product.

Any company that sells products can have issues with defective parts, production procedures, and so on. Some of these problems can be more dangerous than others. For example, defects with bicycles or vehicles can cause accidents at relatively high speeds. This can lead to you suffering from severe injury, which eats into your paycheck, time, and mental health. Defective ladders can lead to more people falling, which can also be dangerous or even deadly.

Fidget spinners listed among most dangerous toys

Parents like you across Texas and the United States have a new danger to worry about this summer, and it has nothing to do with the water. Per the New York Post, fidget spinners have made their way onto a list of summer’s most dangerous toys compiled by consumer watchdog group World Against Toys Causing Harm, and this is largely due to the choking hazard they pose. At The Leigh Law Firm, we represent parents whose children suffer harm because of defective toys, and we have a firm understanding of the serious risks such products pose.

If you are among the many parents whose children have expressed interest in fidget spinners, safety advocates are warning that you should not assume the toys are safe for use simply because of their widespread popularity. The small toys, which are typically comprised of plastic and metal, are prone to falling apart, and they can break into little pieces that smaller children can choke on. Many schools across the nation have already banned fidget spinners, both because of safety concerns and because many institutions consider them learning distractions.