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Pursuing Maximum Compensation After A Post-Collision Fire

When a car accident ignites a fire or explosion, victims – if they survive – will likely suffer severe burn injuries and the long-lasting effects of these. Scarring, pain, nerve damage and emotional trauma significantly affect burn victims’ quality of life.

If you are suffering because of a post-collision fire, you deserve answers and you may be entitled to compensation. While a car accident fire can be the inevitable result of a crash, this is not always true. Many car crash-related fires and explosions are caused by defective fuel systems, and if this is the case, an auto manufacturer may be liable for your losses and damages.

At The Leigh Law Firm, in The Woodlands, we hold auto companies accountable when their actions or inaction leads to defective auto parts and injuries. We are prepared to investigate post-collision fires and determine whether defects played a role.

Our founding attorney, Brad Leigh, has successfully litigated cases against Ford Motor Company, General Motors and DaimlerChrysler. He and his trial team know how to fight large auto companies. Contact us today to get skilled advice about your case.

Preserve Evidence, Get Legal Counsel Soon After A Crash

Post-collision fires involve challenging investigations because, as with any fire, much of the evidence is charred or deteriorates. Preserving as much evidence as possible and locating witnesses could be critical to your case, so it is important that you call an experienced attorney like Mr. Leigh as soon as possible.

We will work right away to ensure that no evidence is swept under the rug, and we are prepared to investigate other vehicles of the same makes and models involved.

As your law firm, we take our responsibility to you very seriously. We aim not only to prove your case, but also to maximize your recovery.

Living With Burn Injuries – Get The Compensation You Need And Deserve

Our team brings more than 50 years of combined experience to each client’s case. We understand and have deep compassion for the daily challenges that burn injury victims face. We would be honored to fight to get you the compensation necessary to enjoy the best quality of life possible.

We do not charge our personal injury or wrongful death clients any fees unless we win. To discuss your legal concerns with a lawyer at our firm for free, call 866-688-9219 or 866-688-9219 toll-free, or fill out this form and schedule a free consultation. We are available to meet with you at our law office or a place more convenient for you.