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Posts tagged "recover"

Spinal cord injuries sometimes require long-term treatment

Texas residents are sometimes involved in motor vehicle accidents or mishaps in the workplace that result in traumatic injury. Those who suffer spinal cord injuries often suffer myriad adverse effects, including possible paralysis, organ damage or loss of motor skills. The recovery process can be wrought with tremendous hardships as one attempts to regain mobility and quality of life.

Robotics have potential to help Texas spinal cord injury victims

When a person reports for a day at work or sets out to run errands in his or her vehicle and ends up suffering an unexpected debilitating injury, the aftermath of such an incident can be quite devastating. Texas residents who have suffered a spinal cord injury might be interested in a brand new technology that has received much positive feedback. Some who were told they would most likely never walk again are standing and taking steps thanks to the new equipment.

Firefighter fights to recuperate 1 year after spinal cord injury

Over a year ago, a Texas firefighter was involved in a terrible car accident and suffered a serious spinal cord injury. He was told by doctors that he would suffer paralysis from the neck down. After a few months recovering in the hospital, the firefighter started outpatient physical therapy which involved three to five hours of strengthening exercises. Despite the spinal cord injury diagnosis, he slowly made progress and started to gain use of his arms, shoulders and wrist. He has been able to move his toes on occasion.