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4 best practices for the medical side of a car accident claim

On Behalf of | May 25, 2023 | Car Accidents |

As you may know, car accident claims benefit from documented evidence when pursuing the maximum allowable amount of compensation. For example, medical evidence is necessary to prove you deserve coverage for severe injuries.

Unfortunately, many Texas car accident victims fail to protect the medical side of their car accident claim. The recommendations below can help ensure you meet the medical requirements associated with accident and injury claims.

1. Get an evaluation

Some catastrophic harm, like traumatic brain injuries, do not always show themselves immediately. It is not unheard of for days, weeks or months to pass before brain injury symptoms arise. To lay a foundation for the injury portion of your claim, get a medical assessment even if you feel fine.

2. Follow the doctor’s orders

You may feel you know your needs better than a doctor, but there are other reasons to comply with physician orders. Of course, doing so can help you recover, but it can also preserve your injury compensation. Those who fail to follow doctor’s orders can face trouble obtaining maximum compensation.

3. Show up for all appointments

Even missing a follow-up medical appointment could threaten your vehicle accident compensation. If you must miss one, reschedule it immediately and ensure your medical records reflect the change. Attend all injury-related meetings with the professionals (doctors, therapists, etc.) involved in your treatment.

4. Preserve your medical records

Medical evidence plays a critical role in obtaining fair injury compensation. Ask for copies of everything in your medical file pertaining to your accident injuries. This step helps ensure there are no gaps in your records that could give an insurer cause to deny or underpay your claim.

Following these steps can add another layer of protection to your claim and help you obtain the injury compensation you are due.