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Our law firm recovered a record amount in a drunk driving lawsuit

On Behalf of | Dec 8, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

When a car crash hurts someone, insurance claims typically follow. Unfortunately, insurance companies often do their best to pay as little as possible, even when someone has life-altering injuries.

Texas requires liability insurance and also mandates that insurance providers operate in good faith when people bring claims related to crashes. Unfortunately, it is quite common for those seriously injured in a wreck to receive less from the insurance company than they deserve. In fact, they may never have had a chance at proper compensation if the other driver has bad coverage or a lapsed policy.

Even when there is sufficient coverage for the losses incurred, the people affected in a crash may struggle to get the compensation they need. Certain kinds of injuries, including soft tissue injuries, often do not receive proper respect and consideration from insurance professionals. Recently, the Leigh Law Firm went to trial and secured what experts believe may be the largest soft tissue damages award in local history after an insulting low initial settlement offer.

What were the details of the claim?

The claim and question involved a car crash that occurred on Father’s Day, 2020. A father and son in a vehicle together experienced a crash that resulted in significant soft tissue injuries. Soft tissue injuries can lead to chronic pain that reduces somebody’s quality of life.

Serious soft tissue injuries often affect someone’s earning potential and result in significant medical expenses. The father and son duo originally received a settlement offer of just $16,000 for a combined claim.

After going to civil court while represented by the Leigh Law Firm, the duo ended up receiving $2,055,000 for the consequences of this drunk driving wreck. That is more than 128 times the amount of the original settlement offer!

The right support can make all the difference

Many individuals filing an insurance claim after a car crash will simply accept what insurance offers. Others will try to negotiate but will have a hard time pushing back against aggressive insurance company negotiation tactics.

When those seriously injured in car crashes partner with attorneys who have experience with such claims, they have a better chance of negotiating successfully with the insurance company or securing compensation through the civil courts.