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Driving tips for shorter days

On Behalf of | Nov 1, 2022 | Car Accidents |

The days are getting shorter, and that means that you have fewer hours of daylight. This doesn’t generally change much about your daily schedule, however. Some people wind up commuting both to and from work in the dark. 

However, driving in the dark reduces your visibility and makes it more likely that you will get involved in an accident. Some of these risks are out of your hands, such as the fact that there are more drunk drivers at night. But there are also things that you can do to make yourself safer. 

Here are a few tips:

Check all of your lights

Go over your vehicle and make sure that all of your lights work properly. This means the high beams, the low beams, the fog lights, the running lights, the backup lights and the brake lights. Never just assume that they’re working properly because you don’t want to find out that they’re out of order when you’re already on the road.

Slow down

One of the best things you can do anytime that visibility is reduced is simply to slow down. It is safer to drive a bit slower at night, as long as you’re not going so slowly that you’re an obstruction for vehicles behind you.

Watch out for impaired drivers

Drunk driving is much more common at night than it is during the day, as noted above. There’s not much you can do to change this risk, other than refraining from doing it yourself. 

But you do want to become a defensive driver and look for others who appear impaired or who may be making driving mistakes. Keep your distance from these vehicles to avoid being involved in an accident.

Naturally, even doing everything right can still lead to injuries because another driver can make a mistake. If they do, you may need to seek compensation for your injuries and losses.