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What do car accident statistics show about Texas drivers?

On Behalf of | Jun 27, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Texas has millions of registered vehicles on the roads, ranging from lifted trucks to motorcycles. Drivers often take for granted that they can safely travel on the Texas roads, a belief that can result in them getting hurt.

Drivers who are complacent about their safety could make mistakes that lead to major motor vehicle collisions and severe injuries. When you understand your risk of getting into a crash on the Texas roads, you will be able to make better decisions about how and when you drive.

Looking at nationwide or statewide statistics may not give the best insight into your chances of getting hurt on the road. Local statistics can be much more useful. For those in The Woodlands, what do crash statistics say about the likelihood of getting hurt on the road?

The Woodlands: is it a safe community for drivers?

In 2020, the most recent year with data available from the Texas Department of Transportation, there were no fatal collisions in The Woodlands. The state recorded three total crashes, non of which had any reported injuries. Overall, that means that The Woodlands is a relatively safe municipality when it comes to driving.

When you look at the state total, The Woodlands barely contribute. There were 364,701 crashes around the state in 2020, and 1,910 resulted in people dying. A total of 2,046 people lost their lives, and another 9,113 likely had serious injuries. There were 46,716 reported minor injuries and another 106,336 possible injuries.

The lack of reported fatal collisions in 2020 is not an excuse to drive aggressively or unsafely in The Woodlands or any other nearby community. Even if it has been years since there was a deadly wreck in The Woodlands, it only takes one drunk driver or teenager texting at the wheel to change that.

You are usually at higher risk of getting into a crash when you are closer to home, even if your community is a relatively safe one. Employing defensive driving techniques and making safety your top priority every time you drive will be the best way to reduce your risk of contributing to the Texas car crash statistics or breaking the safety streak in The Woodlands.