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Do not discount a brain injury after a head impact

On Behalf of | Oct 14, 2021 | Injuries |

Traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) can happen when your brain hits the inside of your skull with sufficient force. They may also occur when a foreign object penetrates your brain.

Brains are made of soft tissue, so they’re fragile. They are also complex, and scientists still do not understand everything about how they function. It is, therefore, no surprise that a damaging part of your brain could affect the rest of your body in ways that seem out of proportion to the scale of the original impact.

3 ways a traumatic brain injury could harm you

Here are some ways brain damage could affect you for years to come:

  • Emotional problems: As awareness of mental health issues has grown, more people realize that their behavior may be out of their control. If you have a damaged part of your brain, you may begin to act differently. Some of those behaviors could make holding down a job or relationship challenging.
  • Mobility issues: Even slight losses of mobility matter. For instance, you may hit your head in a car crash and discover that your right thumb no longer functions as before. If you are an artist, the subtle loss of control when holding a paintbrush may make all the difference between earning a living or not.
  • Cognition issues: You return to your job as a math teacher after falling from a ladder changing a lightbulb in the classroom. Halfway through writing a relatively simple equation on the board, you get stuck. The numbers no longer make sense. When your brain no longer functions as well as it used to, it may affect various areas of life.

Understanding how to claim adequate compensation will be crucial if you suffer a traumatic brain injury. Do not let an insurer dismiss it as a minor matter. They do not have to live with the consequences.