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Multiple people killed, several injured in high-speed police chase

| Apr 1, 2021 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

When a driver doesn’t pull over, but the police are trying to get them to, it’s no surprise when a chase ensues. Unfortunately, a police chase can end badly, like it did in this case. 

In Texas, a man now faces up to life in prison for causing a serious collision that resulted in the deaths of eight illegal immigrants and injuries to several others. 

The news reported that the man was speeding at rates over 100 mph when he collided head-on with a Ford F-150 on Highway 277. He had been driving in the southbound lanes heading north when the crash occurred.

Unfortunately, the crash resulted in eight illegal immigrants in the speeding driver’s vehicle dying. One person survived with injuries. The driver of the Ford F-150 and their child passenger both suffered injuries. The hospital listed their condition as stable at the time of the news release.

Speeding and reckless driving leads to serious consequences 

In a situation like this, nothing is made better by fleeing the police. Police generally call off pursuits like this as a suspect ventures into busy or populated areas. A speeding driver can cause significant damage to other vehicles, injuries and even cause fatalities before that happens, though. 

What should you do if a speeding driver strikes you or you lose someone in a crash with one?

If you or a loved one are hurt or killed in a crash involving a motorist who was fleeing the police, speeding or involved in other reckless driving, then it’s important to learn more about your legal rights. You may find that you can request compensation for your medical bills and other accident-related costs.