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Getting compensation after a multi-car pile-up accident is tricky

On Behalf of | Mar 5, 2021 | Car Accidents |

Do you remember the massive multi-vehicle car accident that occurred in Texas during February?  That crash involved over 130 vehicles and left six people dead and many others injured.

Although severely inclement weather played a role in the accident, one or more parties could bear some responsibility. The question is, how can victims injured in crashes involving many vehicles find out who is ultimately liable?

Is it difficult to determine liability in multi-vehicle collisions?

When many drivers are involved in these crashes, determining fault is complicated. Perhaps a single motorist caused the crash, or maybe all involved drivers contributed in some way. Examples of another motorist’s fault could include drunk driving, distracted driving and driving too fast for conditions.

Law enforcement will investigate to determine what happened. However, such investigations can take a long time and might not be entirely conclusive. You need help right away after any car accident resulting in injuries.

How can an attorney help?

In multi-vehicle pileups, legal guidance is vital in acquiring all the compensation you deserve. An attorney can help you deal with the involved insurance companies to maximize the financial compensation available to you.

Your attorney may also begin a separate investigation to track down any motorists who caused or contributed to the crash. Taking this step could open other avenues of compensation, such as a personal injury lawsuit targeting all at-fault parties.

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