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Wrongful death: Trucker arrested after fatal hit and run

On Behalf of | May 25, 2020 | Wrongful Death |

People generally don’t expect to be involved in a car crash, even though it is statistically likely. Even if people accept that possibility, they probably don’t think it will prove fatal, though that kind of tragedy happens every single day. One Texas woman recently lost her life to a crash with an 18-wheeler, and police have finally arrested the truck driver after he allegedly fled the scene. He may not only have to face the criminal justice system, as these types of crashes may involve a wrongful death civil claim.

Authorities say that the crash happened on a recent early morning on the interstate. The woman’s car was apparently stalled and had its hazard lights on. An 18-wheeler allegedly rear-ended the vehicle, killing the woman. Police say that the truck driver did not stop and remain at the scene, but drive almost 20 miles before abandoning his rig. A witness apparently alerted police when the truck was spotted with pieces of the victim’s car stuck to the underside. 

The accused truck driver was eventually located and arrested. He claims that the company he works for advised him to lie to police about the event and he also says that he didn’t realize anyone was in the vehicle when the crash happened. Officials say that the company that owned the truck cooperated with the investigation when they were still attempting to locate the driver. Police have charged him with failure to stop and render aid, but there may be other charges forthcoming once the full investigation is complete.

Even if the truck driver is found not guilty of the criminal charges, there may be another way for the woman’s family to seek justice. The driver or the company he works for could be named in a wrongful death lawsuit. A successfully-litigated civil claim could result in monetary damages and hold those responsible accountable. Those in a similar situation here in Texas may want to reach out to a personal injury attorney for legal advice.