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Pork products could be subject to products liability claims

On Behalf of | May 16, 2020 | Products Liability |

Most food products on store shelves are perfectly safe for people to eat, The few that are not could cause serious harm to anyone who might unwittingly consume them. This can happen for multiple reasons, but is sometimes due to the negligence of the manufacturer who made the product. A company right here in Texas that produces pork products had to issue a recall of one of its foods after discovering that the food contained a known allergen that was not listed on the product label. If anyone consumed this product and had a severe allergic reaction, it could be grounds for a products liability civil claim.

The company makes many different products, but the one in question is fried pork skins. The pork skins apparently contain soy, which is one of the allergens that is required to be specially listed on food labels under an allergen section. The company failed to do so, though soy was listed in the ingredient list and on individual labels. Even so, the company decided to recall the product.

So far, no one has made any claims of having an allergic reaction after consuming the pork skins. The products were shipped across the country, and only certain batches are affected. Officials say that anyone who has purchased them and is concerned can return them to the point of purchase or simply throw them away. 

When people think of a products liability claim related to food, they may think of a food containing a dangerous ingredient that shouldn’t be there. This case is a bit different, since soy isn’t necessarily dangerous to all consumers, but potentially very dangerous to those who are allergic. Food companies have a responsibility to ensure that their products are properly labeled to keep consumers safe. Anyone here in Texas who has been harmed by a company’s failure to follow proper food safety protocols may want to file a personal injury claim. It may be the best way to hold a company accountable for its action or inaction.