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Defective drugs: Cough syrup took 2 months to recall

On Behalf of | Apr 25, 2020 | Defective Drugs |

The vast majority of drugs sold to consumers here in Texas are safe to use. However, when defective drugs occasionally make it to market, people may get sick, injured or even lose their lives. The Food and Drug Administration exists to try and protect people from this sort of thing, but its power can only reach so far. For example, a recent warning issued by the FDA about a potentially-contaminated cough syrup should have resulted in a recall, but authorities say that did not occur. 

The cough syrup is called Rompe Pecho and three different brands of it are reportedly affected. The FDA says that in the fall of last year, it recommended that the maker of the cough syrup recall the drug. Officials say that it could be contaminated by microbes that may make people sick if they consume the product, causing vomiting and diarrhea.

Reports say that the manufacturer waited over two months to issue the recommended recall. The company claims it has not received any claims that anyone was sickened by the drug. Experts say that if people find they have the affected cough syrup they should discontinue using it and return it to the point of purchase. 

Though this specific drug may not have made anyone sick, it should have never made it to store shelves once the FDA issued its warning. People can get seriously hurt by defective drugs, even ones sold over the counter. That could necessitate long-term medical care, which can be very costly. Those here in Texas who may have been harmed by a defective drug could consider filing a personal injury claim. An attorney can help a victim understand his or her rights and help facilitate the best possible outcome.