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What hazards exist at amusement parks?

by | Aug 18, 2019 | Products Liability |

Before summer is over many families will be paying one last visit to amusement parks all over the country. While kids love riding roller coasters and playing games, amusement parks are associated with certain risks. That’s why it’s important for both kids and parents to take the proper steps to ensure safety remains a priority. 

There are currently no federal safety regulations imposed on amusement parks. While most states have laws governing safety procedures, these laws and regulations vary from place to place. When it comes to injuries, in 2017 alone an estimated 29,400 amusement park visitors visited emergency rooms after sustaining an injury at a park. Additionally, there have been a reported 22 deaths related to amusement park rides and attractions since 2010. 

While it’s vital for ride owners and operators to follow all safety procedures, accidents can still happen. You can reduce the risk of an accident by reading signs posted in front of rides to make sure they’re suitable. Safety features on amusement park attractions can only work if the rider is a certain weight and height. Ignoring these rules could result in your child experiencing a serious injury, especially on high-speed rides. 

Even if your child meets the height and weight requirements, consider whether he or she is mature enough to stay seated while the ride is in motion. Also, take a moment to assess the appearance of a ride. While rides in larger amusement parks are often well-maintained, smaller parks or traveling carnivals might be using equipment that isn’t thoroughly inspected on a regular basis. If a ride looks or feels off, it’s best to keep your feet planted on the ground.