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The long-term consequences of a bike accident

by | Jun 14, 2019 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

When someone is involved in a bicycle accident on the road, their life may be turned upside down and they may struggle with a number of immediate consequences that affect them, such as medical expenses, injuries that take months to recover from and emotional challenges. Sometimes, people are able to make a full recovery after a bicycle accident, but some victims are not as fortunate. Sadly, many people who are involved in bicycle accidents face a plethora of long-term consequences, whether they are financial, physical or emotional in nature.

When someone is struck by a vehicle while riding their bicycle, they may sustain a debilitating injury that results in permanent immobility. For example, a bike accident victim may not ever be able to walk again, or they may lose the ability to perform certain job duties or take part in various physical activities for the rest of their lives. This, along with medical costs and expenses related to physical therapy, can create lasting financial difficulties that make life even harder. Moreover, the mental toll of a bicycle accident can be significant, whether someone is never able to ride their bicycle again due to trauma or they struggle with depression or other negative emotions.

Regrettably, many of these accidents are caused by careless drivers who disregard traffic safety laws and endanger the lives of bicyclists, pedestrians and people traveling in vehicles. When a negligent driver causes a bike crash, they should be held responsible for all of the pain that they have caused.