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Can defective products be dangerous?

by | Jul 6, 2017 | Products Liability |

If residents of Texas like you end up being harmed by a defective product, you don’t have to deal with it in silence. At the Leigh Law Firm, we work to provide you with information that can help you fight for your rights and health if you have to stand toe-to-toe against a company that has done you harm with their defective product.

Any company that sells products can have issues with defective parts, production procedures, and so on. Some of these problems can be more dangerous than others. For example, defects with bicycles or vehicles can cause accidents at relatively high speeds. This can lead to you suffering from severe injury, which eats into your paycheck, time, and mental health. Defective ladders can lead to more people falling, which can also be dangerous or even deadly.

Defective medication or medical devices can have similarly intense impacts. You may have an allergic reaction to something not marked down in the medication’s ingredients, or the ingredients themselves may create dangerous reactions in some people. Medical devices like pacemakers or medications for those with diabetes are a necessity for some people, and a malfunction could literally mean the difference between life and death in certain cases.

As someone who has suffered from the numerous dangerous problems that faulty products can produce, you deserve peace of mind and all the help you need. Take a look around our web site for more information that you can use to help bolster your case against the company that has harmed you with their defective goods.