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Drunk driving accidents can ruin holidays in Texas

by | Dec 31, 2015 | Drunk Driving Accidents |

During the holidays in Texas, people spend more time than usual on the road, driving to and from various social events and family gatherings. From shoppers to daily work commuters, tourists, visitors and more, the increase in holiday traffic sometimes results in motor vehicle collisions. Drunk driving accidents are also a concern for many, especially those who have suffered injury because of another person’s choice to get behind the wheel of a vehicle after drinking alcohol.

The Texas Department of Transportation reported 42 alcohol-related deaths from accidents between New Year’s Eve 2014 and early Jan. 2015. The mayor of El Paso recently stated that he is always looking for new ways to improve roadway safety in light of the fatalities that have already occurred. Various free-ride services and other programs have been implemented in the hope of discouraging motorists from driving drunk.

A telephone number has been published, and those who do not want to drive while intoxicated are invited to call for a ride. Those involved in the program said that it does not matter where a person is or how much he or she has had to drink — a ride will be provided, no questions asked. An Uber driver who provides transportation through a mobile app said that approximately 75 percent of his customers are drunk when they hire him to drive them places.

Still, many drunk driving accidents occur in Texas because people choose not to ask a non-drinker for a ride and instead operate their own vehicles while intoxicated. Many of these situations result in catastrophic injuries to innocent victims. Those surviving their injuries are often faced with substantial debt due to medical bills and other costs associated with an accident. In such circumstances, a legal claim may be filed against the motorist deemed responsible so as to seek a monetary judgment as recovery for one’s losses.

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