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Violence in Texas and nation causes spinal cord injuries and more

On Behalf of | Jan 11, 2015 | Spinal Cord Injuries |

Many survivors of violent acts spend the rest of their lives dealing with disabilities. A recent report stated that violence is third when it comes to causes of spinal cord injuries in Texas and across the nation. In addition, approximately 275,000 people suffer from serious brain injuries as victims of violence each year.

The second of a three-part series online recently featured the story of a woman and her son. Thirty-five years ago, he was a high school senior with aspirations to become a diesel mechanic. Instead, his left side became paralyzed when a gun-wielding neighbor shot him in the head. Since then, the mother has struggled to care for her son in special living quarters that were built for him in the basement of her home.

According to the woman and her husband, providing long-term care to someone who has survived an injury due to violence can cause an emotional, physical and financial struggle. A psychiatry professor who studies how violence impacts families stated that everyone involved in the lives of the surviving victims tends to be affected by the situation. Some experts have said that these families experience something similar to those who have members of their family who are in the service and have been injured in war.

Along with the health and financial challenges faced by those who have been injured by violence and those who care for them, many might also undergo legal challenges as they determine their rights and options for filing a personal injury claim in a court of law. Those in Texas who suffer spinal cord injuries, brain injuries or other afflictions due to the violence or the negligent acts of others may wish to consult a professional legal team. Attorneys experienced with personal injury claims may be able to offer advice with regard to the possibility of seeking compensation for any losses they sustained from the incident.

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