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Popular surgeon dies in fatal car accident

On Behalf of | Jul 3, 2014 | Car Accidents |

A surgeon who was popular in the community has recently met an untimely death. The surgeon lost his life in a car accident on a Texas interstate. Reportedly, he was a valued member of the Huguley Memorial Medical Center and had other affiliations with area medical facilities. The accident remains under investigation.

According to reports, the crash happened on a recent Saturday morning along the highway. The surgeon was headed in the eastbound direction. At the same time, a Cadillac was headed in the same direction, but in the right lane. For some reason, the two vehicles crashed into each other and the impact sent the Cadillac into a guardrail before rolling over. Meanwhile, the surgeon’s vehicle went over the guardrail and started rolling down an embankment.

Authorities do not know what caused the accident. Two people who were in the Cadillac suffered non-life threatening injuries and were transported to the hospital. Tragically, the surgeon died as a result of the crash while an occupant in his vehicle suffered serious injuries and was taken to another area hospital.

Authorities have not yet determined the exact cause of the car accident, but it is still being investigated. The investigation may reveal which party was responsible for causing the crash and if the evidence proves that negligence played a causal role in the accident, wrongful death and/or personal injury claims may be filed in a Texas civil court. The court will determine the responsibilities of each party to decide what compensation may be deemed appropriate under our laws.

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