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Wrongful death settlement reached for pileup accident in Texas

On Behalf of | Mar 20, 2014 | Wrongful Death |

A wrongful death lawsuit had been filed by the family of a married couple killed during a massive pileup on Interstate 10 in Texas. Even though the accident happened over a year ago on Thanksgiving Day 2012, it took until recently for the wrongful death lawsuit to reach a settlement. The lawsuit was against the driver of a tractor-trailer truck and the owner of the truck, C.R. England. The driver struck the couple’s car and killed them.

Prior to the accident, there had been a massive pileup on Interstate 10 involving approximately 100 cars, allegedly due to dense fog that morning. About 80 to 90 people were hurt in the pileup, with 10 to 12 critically injured and 2 fatally injured. The couple’s accident occurred when several cars had blocked their lane of traffic and they had to stop their car. The driver of the truck was driving at a high speed, could not control his truck, and was unable to stop his truck in time to avoid hitting the couple’s car. The couple died as a result of the accident.

The family of the deceased couple filed a lawsuit against the driver and the trucking company, C.R. England. It took until December 2013 for the case to be ready for trial. In March, according to court papers, a Notice of Nonsuit with Prejudice was filed by the plaintiff. No further settlement or dismissal information was available.

It is often difficult for families to cope after wrongful death accidents because they have to accept the reality that their loved one’s life was cut short due to something that could have been prevented. Wrongful death lawsuits are emotionally draining for families. Successful litigation in Texas can help families receive compensation for damages, medical expenses and funeral expenses and help them move forward after their loss.

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