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14-year-old Texas girl struck and killed in an I-10 car accident

On Behalf of | Nov 22, 2013 | Car Accidents |

According to the Texas Department of Public Safety, a young woman was recently killed after being struck by a car. The car accident occurred on Interstate 10 along Purple Heart Memorial Bridge in Orange County on Monday night, Nov. 11. As a result of the crash, all of the eastbound lanes of Interstate 10 were temporarily closed.

According to authorities, the girl was attempting to cross the eastbound lanes of traffic just before she was hit by the car. The driver who struck the girl is a woman from Houston. Following the event, the woman was transported to the hospital for observation. The woman’s husband, who was also riding in the car, was not injured.

According to one witness, the girl was running as fast she could in order to avoid being hit by the car. Unfortunately, she was not fast enough, and she was fatally struck. This horrific event will not be forgotten by anyone involved, nor will it be forgotten by the family of the girl who was killed.

One cannot be certain of all the facts regarding this Texas accident until all eyewitness accounts and other factual evidence are thoroughly evaluated. For example, it is unknown at this time if the vehicle that struck the girl had all of its headlights operational or if there was enough time for the driver to avoid the collision. Moreover, it is unknown if the vehicle had been speeding at the time of the accident, if the driver was inebriated and/or if the driver had been changing lanes in the moments leading up to the tragedy. Such evidence could reveal whether the girl’s family has a basis for filing a wrongful death claim. When the evidence suggests it is an appropriate form of legal relief, a Texas wrongful death claim that seeks recovery of financial damages can be helpful to families during their mourning process after losing a loved one to a tragic car accident.

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