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Man hit, killed while changing tire on interstate in Texas

by | Jun 7, 2013 | Wrongful Death |

A motor vehicle accident occurred in Texas earlier this week which resulted in a fatality.

The accident happened on Monday near Bayton, Texas. That afternoon, a vehicle was travelling along Interstate 10. The vehicle contained two men. The men held top executive positions at Blue Bell Creameries and were travelling to a regional meeting.

The vehicle then sustained a flat tire. In response to this, the men pulled over and began to change the tire.

Reportedly, as the two men were changing the tire, another vehicle that was travelling along the interstate hit them.

Police reportedly are still in the process of trying to determine what specifically caused this motor vehicle accident to occur.

This accident resulted in one of the struck men dying and the other suffering injuries.

As this crash illustrates, auto accidents can sometimes have fatal results.

Given how harmful motor vehicle accidents can be, one hopes that all motorists in Texas take all proper steps to prevent such accidents. This includes obeying all applicable traffic laws and making sure to avoid engaging in negligent conduct when out on the roads.

No family should have to suffer the loss of a loved one because a motorist failed to act properly when behind the wheel. Loss of a loved one due to an auto accident can have many significant impacts on a family.

If a family loses a loved one due to negligence by another motorist, there are options available for seeking relief, such as a wrongful death claim.

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