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Were You Injured Due To A Seat Belt Or Air Bag Defect?

While car accidents are a constant risk for anyone on or near the roads, passenger vehicles are safer today than ever before. Seat belts, air bags, brake systems and other technologies mean that we are far less vulnerable in a crash than in previous decades.

Nonetheless, as shown by massive auto recalls in recent years, automakers and parts manufacturers sometimes cut corners and put the public in danger. Air bags and seat belts that should save lives in accidents are instead contributing to injuries and fatalities because of defective design, maintenance and installation.

At our law office in The Woodlands, Texas, we will not stand for this. We aggressively represent those who have been injured because of vehicle defects. We use our experience and in-depth knowledge of product liability law to go up against big auto companies on behalf of those they have wronged.

Our Track Record Speaks For Itself

A small percentage of law firms have the resources, experience and dedication to litigate against an auto manufacturer and its army of lawyers. At The Leigh Law Firm, we have a proven record of success against some of the largest companies and law firms in the country.

Our founding attorney, Brad Leigh, has won claims against Ford Motor Company, General Motors and DaimlerChrysler.

For more information about our track record, take a look at a sample of our settlements and verdicts.

What Can You Recover? No Fees Unless We Win.

If you were injured or lost a loved one when an air bag malfunctioned, we would be honored to discuss your legal rights and options with you. We do not charge any fees for initial consultations. If we represent you in an air bag defect or seat belt defect case, we will not charge you any legal fees unless we win.

Call us at 866-688-9219 or toll-free at 866-688-9219, or fill out this form to schedule a free consultation at our law office or a location more convenient for you.