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Posts tagged "wrongful death"

Texas family of 4 killed in wrongful death accident

A police chase is believed to be the cause of a vicious accident that happened over the weekend. The driver who was fleeing from police ran a stop sign and violently crashed into a Honda sedan. The four people inside of the Honda are all now deceased in this tragic wrongful death crash.

Texas construction worker killed in wrongful death accident

A construction worker was recently killed in an alleged hit-and-run. Texas authorities eventually apprehended the suspect and arrested him for the wrongful death accident that took place on the turnpike. The accused is being held on a $200,000 bail.

Toddler, 3 others killed in Texas Panhandle wrongful death

In a recent tragedy in the Texas Panhandle, four lives were lost in a car accident. Unfortunately, the actions of negligent drivers can cause wrongful death crashes, and this case does not appear to be an exception. One of the victims was only 2 years old and the deadly event occurred on a recent Tuesday night.

Wrongful death lawsuit filed against Texas police officers

A woman is filing a wrongful death lawsuit after her sister died from injuries that were reportedly sustained during an arrest. According to reports, officers from Sherman, Texas, pulled the woman's sister over when she failed to indicate before changing lanes. The alleged actions of the officers after the stop are what have led the sister to file the wrongful death claim.

Wrongful death lawsuit against Texas campus police officer

The family of a 23-year-old male student who attended a university in Texas is suing the university and a campus police officer for wrongful death. The male student was shot and killed by the police officer in December. It is not fully known what transpired that lead to the shooting death of the male student and subsequently caused his family to file a wrongful death lawsuit.

Wrongful death lawsuit filed against officer in shooting death

A Texas police officer is being held responsible for the wrongful death of a woman. The woman's family has filed an excessive force and wrongful death lawsuit against the police officer. The woman led the police in a high-speed chase, and the officer then shot and killed her.

Wrongful death lawsuit dropped against 2 Texas officers

The wrongful death charges against to two Texas polices officers have been dropped. The grand jury on the case decided to drop the wrongful death charges after it was determined that what the police officers did in the heat of the moment that ended up killing a man was justified. They had shot the armed man to protect themselves and the community.

Wrongful death settlement reached for pileup accident in Texas

A wrongful death lawsuit had been filed by the family of a married couple killed during a massive pileup on Interstate 10 in Texas. Even though the accident happened over a year ago on Thanksgiving Day 2012, it took until recently for the wrongful death lawsuit to reach a settlement. The lawsuit was against the driver of a tractor-trailer truck and the owner of the truck, C.R. England. The driver struck the couple's car and killed them.

Austin Police Department being sued for wrongful death

A Texas widow is suing the Austin Police Department for the wrongful death of her husband. The woman's husband was driving on the Capital of Texas Highway when a high speed police pursuit of another person caused an accident that killed the woman's husband. The widow has filed a lawsuit against the department of over $1 million for the wrongful death of her husband.

Wrongful death suit filed by Texas woman against Bush's Chicken

A Texas woman has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Bush's Chicken for the death of her husband. The woman's husband was diagnosed with Campylobacter poisoning shortly after eating the restaurant's chicken strips and eventually died. Campylobacter is a bacteria found mostly in poultry. If the poultry is undercooked, it can cause severe illnesses and infections. The woman claims her husband's wrongful death was due to eating the improperly cooked chicken.