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Posts tagged "police"

Apparent drunk driving accident kills driver close to home

Driving as enormous and cumbersome a vehicle as an 18-wheeler often requires a tremendous amount of skill on the driver's part. Additionally, with several known blind spots on this type of vehicle, it is imperative that the driver be astute and focused on the task at hand. Sadly, the driver of an 18-wheeler caused what was apparently a drunk driving accident in Texas after reportedly failing to stop at a red light.

Car accident during SXSW Festival has killed a third person

A third victim has died from her injuries from a car accident during the South by Southwest (SXSW) Festival in Texas. The victim was a 26-year-old woman who was attending the festival when she was struck by a car. She died from her injuries from the car accident a few days later. The accused is a 21-year-old man who was trying to flee from the police because he was drunk.

Drunk Driving accidents increasing in Central Texas

In Austin, Texas, drunk driving accidents have increased over the past few years. In 2012, the Austin police department reported 33 drunk driving accidents. In 2013, they hit 33 accidents within the first three months of the year. The final numbers for 2013 have not been reported yet. Experts are expecting those numbers to climb more in 2014.

Texas lawsuit filed in drunk driving accident in Jefferson County

A man and a woman are being sued by an accident victim as a result of injuries suffered in a Jefferson County collision. The man is said to have driven the woman's car because she was too intoxicated to drive. He reportedly drove the car out of his lane on a local roadway and toward oncoming traffic. As the driver swerved the car, he collided with a car coming in the opposite direction. The negligence complaint asserts that the driver was engaging in drunk driving.

Texas auto accident with school bus and 18-wheeler injures 13

Last weekend, a crash occurred between a school bus and a transfer truck, and 13 people were injured and had to be transported to an area hospital. The bus was transporting middle school football players and two coaches, totaling 35 people. Texas police are still investigating the auto accident, but the tractor trailer has been cited for disregarding a four-way stop.

Texas motor vehicle accident critically injures motorcyclist

Earlier this week, a car and a motorcycle collided, which left one person critically injured and sent three people total to an area hospital for treatment. A 20-year-old Texas A&M student was driving a motorcycle when the crash occurred with another vehicle. Texas police are still investigating the serious motor vehicle accident.

4-vehicle Texas car accident kills 1, injures 2

All American drivers must be prepared to drive in all sorts of conditions. Some parts of America are prone to large amounts of snowfall while others accrue heavy rainfalls each year. Texas, on the other hand, may have its occasional hazardous weather, but for the most part, the state usually has dry and clear days. However, when it comes to car accidents, no matter what kind of weather condition, accidents can happen. On a recent clear and dry Texas day, a car accident involving four-vehicles occurred, and one person was killed while two others were injured.

Texas car accident kills 15-year-old, injures others

Even though every car accident is an unfortunate occurrence, it is even more unfortunate when someone dies from injuries related to the crash. More unfortunate still is when a young person dies. Riding around with one's friends can be fun, but one must pay attention to the road otherwise serious consequences can happen. A 15-year-old teenage passenger in a Toyota died in a Texas car accident that also injured others.

Car accident leaves Texas man dead, wife seriously injured

When one is young, one wants to fit in with the crowd and be a part of the "cool" crowd. However, being "cool" can often entail dangerous and illegal activities such as underage drinking. When drinking in a crowd of people, the peer pressure can be dangerous enough, but when a young person attempts to drive home after partying, he puts his life in danger as well as every other driver on the road. A Texas young adult has discovered the very serious consequences of such reckless actions because the young adult killed a person and injured another in a car accident.

Fatal head-on accident occurs in Montgomery County

It is very important for drivers to not engage in drunk driving or other reckless conduct when out on the roads. Such conduct shows a great disregard for the safety of others and can be extremely harmful. Drunk driving or other reckless conduct can sometimes lead to motor vehicle accidents.