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Posts tagged "Products Liability"

Who is liable for injuries due to prescriptions?

Prescription drugs are popular treatment options for many patients in Texas, but they are accompanied by a variety of side effects. Some drugs are also contraindicated for certain conditions or with other medications or supplements. When patients are injured in one way or the other, or if they have a bad reaction, due to a prescription is anyone liable? This depends on the specific situation and who was negligent in the process.

Are bounce houses safe?

If your child has a birthday coming up in Texas, you might be thinking about ways to make it a special occasion. Many parents opt for bounce house rental in this case, which are inflatable structures that allow kids to play inside. While fun, bounce houses aren’t always safe, as explained by

The impact of misuse on product liability claims

Whenever the use of a product results in an injury or illness suffered by you or a loved one, scrutiny will almost immediately fall on the product's manufacturer as to its safety. At least, that is the attitude that many have when they come to see us here at The Leigh Law Firm. We often must distinguish for them when a case might actually point toward product liability. You see, whether or not a product is at fault for your injury or illness (and by extension, whether its manufacturer is liable to you) depends largely on the unique circumstances of your case. 

The dangers of used car seats

An important duty of Texas parents is to find the right car seat for their young children. Until a child is old enough to be buckled into a standard car seat, young children require a separate child seat during car rides. However, the American Academy of Pediatrics warns that purchasing a car safety seat secondhand can present possible dangers for your child. There are a number of reasons why parents should stick to buying new child car seats.

Who initiates recalls?

It is common for many in The Woodlands to picture private companies as being inherently secretive and only concerned with building a healthy bottom line. Yet you and other rest comfortably knowing that regulatory agencies are out there protecting you from these big businesses. Once word gets out a potentially dangerous product is out there, it swoops in swiftly to launch a recall in order to get said product of yours and general public's hands. 

Food product dating explained

You or a family member is suddenly feeling sick. You subsequently discover that the package containing the food you included in your dinner a couple of days prior had passed its expiration date. This scenario is similar to others shared by many of the clients that we here at The Leigh Law Firm have worked with in the past. Like them, you may be questioning who is to blame. Is it your fault for using the food too late, or that of the grocer in The Woodlands for selling you nearly expired food? Or could the manufacturer be at fault? 

Do "dangerous" toys really pose a threat to children?

In the weeks following the holiday season, toys piled high in the houses of families across the country. For some households, these products range in size and age category, and the boxes of many were likely discarded without second thought. Some of these toys, though, deserve a closer look due to their potential safety hazards. Should Texas parents have major concerns over the toys their children play with daily? While some are weary of media coverage on dangerous products, some experts would agree that not all toys on the market are safe.

Are airbag recalls a serious matter of concern?

It is common to see extensive media coverage on dangerous products such as toys or appliances -- typically, these news stories warn against defective toys that lose small parts, or dressers that unexpectedly tip over, causing injury or death. Needless to say, many Texans become skeptical and even fearful of these products -- often to an unnecessary degree. Yet one type of product liability issue that has recently been under immense spotlight is that of vehicle airbags.