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Drunk Driving Accidents Archives

Texas teen causes drunk driving accident that kills his friend

When an individual chooses to drive drunk, that person's chance of getting into a wreck greatly increases. The driver is at a much higher risk for getting himself hurt as well as hurting any passengers in his vehicle for which he is responsible. When transporting friends, a driver typically wants to make sure that he is being extra careful; however, alcohol impairs a driver's judgment. A Texas teenager has recently pleaded guilty causing a drunk driving accident that killed one of his friends and injured another.

Drunk driving accident kills 5 Texas performers

When one irresponsibly chooses to drive drunk, one creates the possibility that one will get hurt or that one will hurt someone else, including anyone who chooses to ride with one. While any car accident can be potentially fatal, this is more possible when one is drunk driving because alcohol impairs one's ability to properly operate machinery. Each fatal drunk driving accident is tragic, but it is even more tragic when several people die because of a young Texas driver's irresponsible decision to drive under the influence.

Fatal drunk driving accident lands Texas woman 38-year sentence

Those who choose to drink and drive face very serious consequences. One can cause severe and even fatal damage to one's self and others, and one can also face harsh jail time after the fact. One Texas woman has recently realized the consequences of her poor actions. The woman caused a drunk driving accident that killed two people and injured another, and she has been sentenced to a sobering 38 years in prison.

11 involved in Texas drunk driving accident with teen, 4 killed

No matter how many times the dangers of drunk driving are expounded upon, people still continue to do it. A large portion of all car crashes is due to drunk driving, and many of those crashes are fatal accidents. When one is young, one can sometimes act without regard to one's own well-being as well as the well-being of others. Eleven people were recently involved in a Texas drunk driving accident, and tragically four of those people died.

Fatal head-on accident occurs in Montgomery County

It is very important for drivers to not engage in drunk driving or other reckless conduct when out on the roads. Such conduct shows a great disregard for the safety of others and can be extremely harmful. Drunk driving or other reckless conduct can sometimes lead to motor vehicle accidents.

Texas man accused of driving drunk, causing fatality

Motor vehicle collisions can be an extremely serious matter. Such accidents can be very harmful to the individuals in the vehicles involved. Motor vehicle collisions can sometimes even have fatal results. This is one of the many reasons why it is very important for motor vehicle drivers to not engage in drunk driving or other conduct that could cause auto accidents to occur.