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Posts tagged "serious injuries"

Criminal charges likely after Texas drunk driving accident

Most people who have never experienced the death of a child likely cannot fully imagine the pain and anguish of such a tragedy. One woman in Texas is coping with this pain after a fatal accident took the life of not only her son, but also her husband. Police have indicated that the driver believed to have caused the alleged drunk driving accident will likely face criminal charges as a result.

Texas man hospitalized, facing drunk driving charges

A Texas man is facing charges after apparently causing a drunk driving accident on a Texas highway in the early morning. The authorities received a report around 5 a.m. on a recent Sunday about a vehicle headed in the wrong direction on the highway. A few minutes later, while the officers were still being dispatched to the scene, the SUV collided with a pickup truck. Fortunately, there were no casualties, though sheriff's deputies indicated that it was a drunk driving accident.

Drunk driving accident in Texas results in fatality and injury

Despite all the education that is out there about not drinking and driving, so many people still choose to do it, believing they are fine and nothing will happen to them. It is this attitude that has resulted in lost lives and serious injuries to countless others. Recently, an alleged drunk driving accident in Texas resulted in the fatalities of two people and left several others with life-altering injuries.

Man drunk driving in Texas leaves mother and daughter in hospital

Motor vehicle accidents can occur even when drivers do their utmost to pay attention to everything going on around them. There are numerous distractions that can affect a driver's ability to avoid obstacles on the road. When a driver is driving under the influence of alcohol, however, his or her ability to respond quickly to obstacles on the road and changes in road conditions drops considerably, and his or her propensity for causing harmful accidents increases considerably. Such accidents can sometimes have fatal results. This is one of the many reasons why it is very important for motor vehicle drivers to avoid drunk driving or other negligent conduct that could cause auto accidents to occur.