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Posts tagged "police"

Million dollar bond set in Texas drunk driving accident

Not long after midnight on a recent Thursday, a young life was lost in a fatal Texas crash. The alleged drunk driving accident took place on Interstate 10 and involved two vehicles. A second-degree felony charge of intoxicated manslaughter has been filed in the case.

2 people in serious condition after Texas car accident

A recent motor vehicle collision occurred in a town near Houston. The Texas car accident resulted in two persons having to be airlifted to an area hospital for treatment of their injuries. The driver of the vehicle thought to be at-fault  was issued a traffic ticket in the aftermath of the crash.

Some say cameras help reduce number of Texas car accidents

A recent state senate bill was passed that affected a device that some Texas cities have been using to catch motorists who speed at intersections. Those who support the devices claim that since their implementation, the number of car accidents at red lights has been greatly reduced. Statistics have shown that the red-light cameras have had a positive effect on driving safety in many  cities across the state.

Texas man dies in drunk driving accident

A man was killed in a recent accident that occurred in the Houston area. He was a victim in an apparent drunk driving accident, and, according to Texas police, the other driver left the scene. A woman, who saw the crash, comforted the victim as he was dying.

2 Texas drivers, 1 passenger killed in car accident

When drivers do not pay attention, it can be dangerous and deadly for others who share the roadways. A multi-vehicle accident has occurred on a highway, killing three people and leaving one injured. The car accident ensued when one of the drivers allegedly ran a stop sign on a Texas highway.

Texas tractor-trailer driver charged in auto accident

When parents put their children on a school bus, they feel as if they are putting their children's lives in the hands of the bus driver. While this is normally the case, sometimes their children's lives end up in the hands of a complete stranger because of an auto accident the bus driver could do nothing to prevent. This was the case when a bus ride turned into a catastrophe on a recent Wednesday morning in Southeast Texas. 

Texas woman injured, young girl dies in car accident

A car accident has claimed the life of a 9-year-old girl. Texas authorities were called out to the scene to conduct an investigation of the car accident. Initial reports suggest that one of the drivers was under the influence.

Criminal charges likely after Texas drunk driving accident

Most people who have never experienced the death of a child likely cannot fully imagine the pain and anguish of such a tragedy. One woman in Texas is coping with this pain after a fatal accident took the life of not only her son, but also her husband. Police have indicated that the driver believed to have caused the alleged drunk driving accident will likely face criminal charges as a result.

Man loses life in drunk driving accident in Texas

A man recently lost his life in Texas after allegedly being struck by a drunk driver. The woman believed to have killed him in the drunk driving accident was arrested and charged with driving while intoxicated. Although the man’s family members may find satisfaction in learning that the woman faces criminal charges, this may still not be enough for them as they cope with the loss of their loved one.

A 59-year-old Texas woman killed in car accident

A Texas woman was involved in a car accident when a male driver crashed into her car head-on while driving in the wrong direction. The car accident happened at 1:06 p.m. in the afternoon and resulted in the woman dying after the collision. She was 59 years old.