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Posts tagged "pain and suffering"

Texas lives can be devastated by fatal car accidents

Moving to a new place can often bring a family joy and adventure. Unfortunately, fatal car accidents can quickly turn joy to devastation. A family who had been residing in Texas for only a few months lost two of its members in a highway tragedy Sunday night. Several others were injured in the crash.

Texas woman injured, young girl dies in car accident

A car accident has claimed the life of a 9-year-old girl. Texas authorities were called out to the scene to conduct an investigation of the car accident. Initial reports suggest that one of the drivers was under the influence.

Texas students injured in car accident while on school bus

A school bus was recently involved in an accident. Reportedly, 12 students and the bus driver suffered injuries on the way to a Texas elementary school. None of the car accident injuries are considered to be life-threatening.

Car accident involving taxi kills 4 people

A Texas family who was set to take a cruise departing from Galveston became victims of a horrific car accident. On a recent Saturday morning, a car drifted into oncoming traffic and crashed into a taxi minivan, killing four people. Two victims from the car accident were later listed as being in critical condition, and one woman was less seriously injured.

Cell phone-related car accident in Texas

A female bicyclist was involved in a car accident along Highway 90 in Marathon when a person talking on his cell phone while driving crashed his car into her. She was with her husband on a cross-country biking expedition a the time. While her husband was not injured in the car accident, she suffered multiple injuries to her arms, neck, wrist and ribs. She had to go through a few neck and elbow surgeries.

Wrongful death suit filed by Texas woman against Bush's Chicken

A Texas woman has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Bush's Chicken for the death of her husband. The woman's husband was diagnosed with Campylobacter poisoning shortly after eating the restaurant's chicken strips and eventually died. Campylobacter is a bacteria found mostly in poultry. If the poultry is undercooked, it can cause severe illnesses and infections. The woman claims her husband's wrongful death was due to eating the improperly cooked chicken.

Texas man dies in train accident, potential wrongful death suit

A fatal north Texas car crash in which a man was killed on his way to work is currently being investigated. The man was driving across railroad tracks when he was hit and killed by a train, and investigators are puzzled as to how this could have occurred. Depending on the outcome of the investigation, the man's family may be able to file a wrongful death suit.

Car accident leaves Texas man dead, wife seriously injured

When one is young, one wants to fit in with the crowd and be a part of the "cool" crowd. However, being "cool" can often entail dangerous and illegal activities such as underage drinking. When drinking in a crowd of people, the peer pressure can be dangerous enough, but when a young person attempts to drive home after partying, he puts his life in danger as well as every other driver on the road. A Texas young adult has discovered the very serious consequences of such reckless actions because the young adult killed a person and injured another in a car accident.

Texas fatal car accidents: Officer killed, 5 seriously injured

Fatal car accidents are always a tragic occurrence. These situations become even more tragic when the person killed is not even in his car at all, but he is outside of his vehicle trying to assist victims who had just been in an accident. Regretfully, an off-duty Texas police officer was helping victims on the side of the road who had just been in accidents themselves when he was killed by fatal car accidents when a semi-truck hit him and the disabled vehicles he was attempting to assist.

$200,000 wrongful death settlement for Texas inmate

Everyone's brain is slightly different, but there are many areas of the brain that function in exactly the same way for the majority of the population. However, due to chemical imbalances or signal misfires in the brain, some people's most important brain functioning abilities can be drastically different than the majority. A Texas inmate with a condition that impaired his rational thinking ability received negligent care while incarcerated, and now his mother is receiving a settlement of over $200,000 for his wrongful death.