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Posts tagged "Texas"

Million dollar bond set in Texas drunk driving accident

Not long after midnight on a recent Thursday, a young life was lost in a fatal Texas crash. The alleged drunk driving accident took place on Interstate 10 and involved two vehicles. A second-degree felony charge of intoxicated manslaughter has been filed in the case.

Spinal cord injuries sometimes require long-term treatment

Texas residents are sometimes involved in motor vehicle accidents or mishaps in the workplace that result in traumatic injury. Those who suffer spinal cord injuries often suffer myriad adverse effects, including possible paralysis, organ damage or loss of motor skills. The recovery process can be wrought with tremendous hardships as one attempts to regain mobility and quality of life.

2 people in serious condition after Texas car accident

A recent motor vehicle collision occurred in a town near Houston. The Texas car accident resulted in two persons having to be airlifted to an area hospital for treatment of their injuries. The driver of the vehicle thought to be at-fault  was issued a traffic ticket in the aftermath of the crash.

Tragedy in Texas -- several lives lost, others suffer injuries

A tragic accident in the Texas Lower Valley has left families grieving the loss of their loved ones. Two survivors suffered injuries, one of whom was airlifted to Lubbock for emergency treatment of severe burns. The accident occurred on a recent Monday night and involved one vehicle that was carrying four occupants.

18-year-old suspected in Texas drunk driving accident

A motorcyclist remains in a Texas hospital in the aftermath of a recent collision. The incident is suspected to be a drunk driving accident that occurred near a local intersection in Wichita Falls. Tragically, the victim required amputation of a limb in order to survive his injuries.

Some say cameras help reduce number of Texas car accidents

A recent state senate bill was passed that affected a device that some Texas cities have been using to catch motorists who speed at intersections. Those who support the devices claim that since their implementation, the number of car accidents at red lights has been greatly reduced. Statistics have shown that the red-light cameras have had a positive effect on driving safety in many  cities across the state.

Victim with burn injuries remains in treatment, 2 others dead

Some Texas motor vehicle accidents result in personal injury to motorists and vehicle occupants who are involved in the collisions. When a vehicle catches fire in an accident, the injuries suffered can have long-lasting effects on a victim. A recent accident resulted in one victim being transported for emergency care after being pulled from a burning vehicle.

Woman killed in apparent wrongful death accident in Texas

A recent tragedy occurred in Texas that left one person dead and another facing criminal charges. The apparent wrongful death accident took place near midnight on a recent Thursday. Galveston police responded to the call in the 4100 block of Seawall Boulevard.

Robotics have potential to help Texas spinal cord injury victims

When a person reports for a day at work or sets out to run errands in his or her vehicle and ends up suffering an unexpected debilitating injury, the aftermath of such an incident can be quite devastating. Texas residents who have suffered a spinal cord injury might be interested in a brand new technology that has received much positive feedback. Some who were told they would most likely never walk again are standing and taking steps thanks to the new equipment.

Texas group honors those killed in drunk driving accidents

A recent ceremony was held to honor a victim who was killed in a 2006 tragedy. The mother of the young woman joined forces with Mothers Against Drunk Drivers, who said that it provides crosses free of charge for those who wish to mark the sites of drunk driving accidents which have taken the lives of loved ones. The mother and others gathered to place a cross at the scene of the crash to honor the young student whose life ended abruptly eight years ago.