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Posts tagged "Products Liability"

Products liability: Is Amazon liable for defective products?

When people here in Texas buy something from what they believe is a reputable company, they trust that it is safe for them to use. Unfortunately, that isn't always the case, especially when a large corporation sells products from other sellers. In the past, it has been difficult to hold those larger companies liable for product defects. One current is challenging that idea, as a court decides whether the e-commerce giant, Amazon, can be held responsible in products liability claims for items it sells from third-party sellers.

Products liability: FDA cannot stop sales of dangerous cosmetics

Consumers in Texas and across the country can typically rely on the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to protect them from contaminated and dangerous food and drug products. However, the agency's power to recall potentially harmful products does not extend to cosmetics and skincare products. These products can be tested, and consumers can be warned of dangerous products, but it is up to the manufacturers to remove them from the shelves. This does not prevent consumers from filing products liability lawsuits if they were harmed by the cosmetics they used.

Furniture company agrees to settlement over products liability

Texas parents are often appalled at the creative ways their youngsters find to get themselves into frightening predicaments. Thankfully, most children walk away with just bumps and bruises from a potentially dangerous encounter. Sadly, several families suffered the unimaginable pain of losing their young child when a piece of furniture proved to be a deadly addition to a bedroom. Recently, Ikea agreed to a settlement involving a products liability claim regarding a line of their dressers.

Potentially unsafe medications could prompt products liability

The popularity of discount count stores such as Dollar Tree and Family Dollar show there is a need for low-cost options. Unfortunately, these chains may resort to foreign suppliers in an effort to pass on cost savings. Purportedly, some of the medications these chains carry could pose a risk to the health of consumers here in Texas and elsewhere. This issue could potentially provide a basis for injured consumers to file products liability claims in order to pursue recovery of monetary damages incurred.

Could products liability extend to second-hand market items?

In today's marketplace, there are a variety of ways to purchase consumer goods. One of the most popular commerce options is the second-hand market. Texas consumers are urged to beware of these types of purchases, since many of the items up for sale may have been the subject of a products liability civil suit.

Warning from agency could lead to new products liability suits

The American Academy of Pediatrics frequently updates its recommendations for ensuring that parents always provide the most appropriate sleeping environments for their infants. For that reason, parents are cautioned to use only safe equipment when laying their children down for naps and bedtimes. Though many Texas parents were likely aware of the recent recall of inclined infant sleeping seats, a new warning was recently issued by Consumer Reports that could eventually lead to new products liability filings.

Products liability claims for customers hurt by dangerous items

Consumers who purchase goods and furniture for their homes assume that the products will safely serve the purpose for which they were intended. Unfortunately, some products fail to perform in the expected manner and could cause serious harm to consumers. Anyone in Texas who suffers injuries may have grounds to file a products liability claim.

How can I avoid dangerous Halloween costumes?

Halloween is a fun time for kids to dress up and go trick-or-treating. However, certain types of costumes and accessories can prove dangerous to little ones. It's up to parents to ensure their kids choose the right costumes to avoid injury and remain safe during the holiday. In this case, Consumer Reports offers the following tips. 

What hazards exist at amusement parks?

Before summer is over many families will be paying one last visit to amusement parks all over the country. While kids love riding roller coasters and playing games, amusement parks are associated with certain risks. That's why it's important for both kids and parents to take the proper steps to ensure safety remains a priority. 

How can swimming pool accidents be prevented?

A swimming pool can be a great addition to the home. However, pool owners must take the proper safety steps to prevent injuries and even drowning when their pool is being used. This is especially important when kids are involved, as young children face a serious risk of pool-related injuries when the proper safety measures aren't put in place. offers the following safety tips to ensure your kids and others remain safe this summer.