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Posts tagged "Burn Injuries"

Burn injuries can cause permanent disabilities

Those in Texas who suffer a catastrophic injury due to another person's negligence may face a lifetime of treatments and daily living assistance just to function. Burn injuries often result in severe and lasting disfigurement, as well as a need for ongoing reconstructive surgeries. It is understandable that the innocent victim of an accident or crime would want to seek justice against those believed to be responsible.

When Texas residents suffer catastophic injuries

A person's life or that of a loved one can be devastated when a serious personal injury is suffered. It might be of comfort for Texas residents to know that there are legal professionals available in the area who are experienced in handling cases involving catastrophic injuries and who are dedicated to helping clients as they attempt to recover and heal, as well as seek retribution for damages. Helping people in such circumstances requires a balance of compassion and skilled experience. The Leigh Law Firm is one such place prepared to assist you with your legal needs.

Tragedy in Texas -- several lives lost, others suffer injuries

A tragic accident in the Texas Lower Valley has left families grieving the loss of their loved ones. Two survivors suffered injuries, one of whom was airlifted to Lubbock for emergency treatment of severe burns. The accident occurred on a recent Monday night and involved one vehicle that was carrying four occupants.

Victim with burn injuries remains in treatment, 2 others dead

Some Texas motor vehicle accidents result in personal injury to motorists and vehicle occupants who are involved in the collisions. When a vehicle catches fire in an accident, the injuries suffered can have long-lasting effects on a victim. A recent accident resulted in one victim being transported for emergency care after being pulled from a burning vehicle.