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Hip Implant Complications Can Be Devastating

Hip implants are a major surgery. Recovery is long and difficult, even when everything goes correctly. When there are issues with your implant because of product defects, the issues are even worse. Among the common issues caused by defective implants are:

  • Fractures
  • Dislocation
  • Infection
  • Loosening of the implant
  • Misalignment

In addition to these direct issues in the area the hip implant is meant to treat, you could also experience:

  • Nerve damage
  • Muscle damage
  • Tissue damage
  • Necrosis

The effects of hip implant complications are varied and severe. If you or a loved one is suffering because of a hip replacement injury, you need an experienced attorney who knows how to take on the large manufacturers. At Leigh Law Firm in The Woodlands, we are dedicated to helping you recover from losses associated with the pain and suffering of failed hip implant.

Taking On Large Companies On Your Behalf

Medical manufacturers are obsessed with making profits. In doing so, they sometimes create products that cause severe pain and suffering for consumers. If you find yourself in this situation following a hip implant, you may be looking at corrective surgery, life-altering injuries and staggering medical bills.

We know how to take on the large companies and fight for your rights. We also know you are experiencing physical and emotional pain, and are compassionate advocates through the difficult process.

Product Recalls

By the time a company recalls a dangerous product, it is often too late. The recall happens because people have already suffered. The DePuy Hip Implant recall in 2010 is a recent example of this. Manufactured by Johnson & Johnson, the device saw high failure rates after being used in tens of thousands of patients.

We expect to see continued issues from this recall, and know how to take on companies like Johnson & Johnson. If you suffer because of the DePuy hip implant or any other device, we are here to help.

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